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Chat Form Popup Example

Popup Forms - Links

Experience the convenience of initiating form popups directly from any hyperlink embedded within your webpage. With this innovative NEX-Forms feature, you can seamlessly connect form interactions to existing links, enabling effortless engagement for users. This integration ensures that your forms emerge smoothly in response to user actions, creating a cohesive and user-friendly experience that enhances participation and interaction.

Link-Triggered Form Popups:

Popup any form using a HTML hyperlink by simply adding the shortcode below into anywhere inside your page.

[NEXForms id="your_form_id" open_trigger="popup"
type="link" text="Click me to popup a form"]

Click me to popup a form


Click on any of the links in the below text to trigger a form popup.

Activate popup forms from any hyperlink within the content of your webpage. This functionality empowers you to seamlessly integrate form pop-ups with the existing links on your page, providing users with a fluid and intuitive way to engage with your forms without disrupting their browsing experience. Whether these links are embedded in text, images, or other elements, this feature ensures that your forms can be conveniently accessed, enhancing user interaction and encouraging participation in a non-intrusive manner.