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Chat Form Popup Example

Popup Forms - Auto-timed Popups

Enhance user engagement with the dynamic capability to show any form through an automatic pop-up as users scroll to a predefined depth on your webpage. his innovative feature ensures that your forms materialize at a strategic point in the user's scrolling journey, allowing you to capture their attention and encourage interaction precisely when it matters most. By integrating the form's appearance with the user's browsing behavior, you create an impactful impression for them to engage with your content or offerings.

Automatically popup any form when a user scroll down on your page(s) to a specified dept. Simply add the below NEX-Forms genrated shorcode anywhere in your site.

[NEXForms id="your_form_id" open_trigger="on-scroll" auto_popup_scroll_top="5000"]

Scroll down throught the NEX-Forms key features below until you reach 5000px in page depth which will automatically trigger the form to poppup..