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Forms Themes

Switch your forms to Twitter Boostrap Design, Google Material Design, Neumorphism or jQuery UI with a single click. & visa versa in a single click. Includes 25 Preset Boostrap, 25 JQuery UI, 19 Neumorphism and 19 Material Design Preset Color Schemes! This add-on makes it very easy to quickly and effectively fit a form’s design to your theme’s overall look and feel.

Form Themes Playground
Use the tools to your right to preview the various color schemes and themes.
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Add-on features
Adapt your form color scheme to your theme's overall look and feel with a click of a button!
Includes Bootstrap form themes
Includes Google Material Design form themes
Includes Neumorphism form themes
Includes jQuery UI form themes
Includes Browser Default form theme
Includes 40+ preset form color schemes