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Chat Forms, Popup Forms, Interactive Forms, Multi-Step Forms, Application Forms, Contract Forms, Sticky Forms, Contact Forms, Survey Forms, Payment Forms, Booking Forms, Quiz Forms, RSVP Forms, Newsletter Subscription Forms and more.

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NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - 4

Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder

Gone are the days of dreading form building! Thanks to NEX-Forms' intuitive Drag and Drop interface, constructing visually appealing forms has never been quicker or simpler. With just a few drag and drop actions or a single click, you can effortlessly build your forms.

Take advantage of the seamless integration with the built-in droppable and reziable grid system, allowing you to effortlessly position any form field or HTML element within the grid layout.

Easy Form Theming and Form Styling

Enhance the visual appeal of your website forms with NEX-Forms, offering an array of styling options that make form customization a breeze. Choose from a vast collection of over 1200 Google fonts to add a touch of elegance to your forms. Additionally, enrich your forms with over 1500 built-in Font Awesome icons, both within the forms themselves and within the form fields.

Create with limitless possibilities, as you can customize every aspect of your form, from colors and background images to font sizes and layouts. With NEX-Forms, the sky's the limit when it comes to creating stunning, personalized forms for your website.

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NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - 6

Powerfull Form Analytics

NEX-Forms stands alone as the exclusive WP form builder that provides comprehensive statistics on form activity, including form views, form interactions, and form submissions. This invaluable feature allows you to access detailed form analytics, tracking when users encounter the form (form views), when they engage with it (form interactions), and when they successfully submit it (form submissions).

These recorded statistics can be conveniently visualized through various graphs and charts within your NEX-Forms dashboard, providing you with clear insights on performance and user behavior associated with your forms.

Value-Added Benefits

By buying NEX-Forms you get free customer support
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Quick Start

Includes 35+ pre-made form templates ready to go with a single click.

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Tons of top innovative features

With NEX-Forms you get more for less!

NEX-Forms out of the box includes more features ready to go than any other form builder, hands down!

All in 1

Includes Bootstrap, Material Design, Neumorphism, jQuery UI and classic browser form platforms.

30+ Form fields and other Elements

Includes all types of form fields, from text fields to sliders to datepickers to uploaders, NEX-Forms's got it.

1500+ Icons

All 1500+ Font Awesome 5 Icons included.

1200+ Fonts

1200+ Google Fonts Included.

70+ Animations

Use included animations on any form elements. Incudes animation timing delay settings.

Drag & Drop

Build and layout your forms with simple click, drag & drop.

Math Logic

Perform simple to complex calculations with Math Logic.

Conditional Logic

Perform actions on fields, like hide and show, based on user selection and/or input.

PayPal Payment Forms

Receive payments from your forms straight into your PayPal account.

Built-in Popup Forms

Popup any forms from buttons, links, custom elements, page scroll or on a timer.

Sticky Slide-In Forms

Slide forms in with paddles from your site's top, right, bottom or left border.

Multi-Step Forms

Break large forms into managable steps for your users to complete with ease. Perfect for creating online quizes.

Form Anylitics

Anylise your form views, form interactions and forms submissions with a variaty of charts and graphs. Includes GEO location statistics.

Built-In Anti-Spam

No need for captcha or recapthca with the included built-in Anti-spam control.

Email Autoresponder

Send custom user confirmation mails and admin email alerts from form submissions.

Submission Reporting

Run and export reports to get specific records from your form submission.

AJAX Powered

Form are submitted without page refreshing. You can also redirect your own custom thank you page.

Hidden Fields

Add hidden fields to forms to capture extra background data. These fields can be setup to be static or dynamic data.

Pre-Populate Fields

Pre-populate fields with dynamic data from URL’s, POSTS or GETS. Fields can also be populated by setting static default values.

Complex Layouts

Create absolutely any form layout with unlimited grid nesting.

Sidebar Widget

Add forms in your sidebars from your WordPress widgets.

Form Styling

Easily style any element of your form with overall styling settings and background images.

Exporting Submissions

Download form submissions from your admin dashboard to CSV or PDF.

Form Import & Export

Export forms from one site and import the form on another. All form data are transfered not just the form.

Save Form Progress

When enabled, your users can start a form and come back later to complete it.

Interactive Tutorials

Instantly learn to use NEX-forms features with interactive tutorials.

Live Form Preview

Work Side by side with a live Form preview


Save time by setting up your own preferences on how you would like to start every new form.


Works on any device and screen resolution.

File Uploaders

Use file uploader fields to save files to your server and/or attach to your emails.

Freely customisable Emails

Use data smart tags to create any custom email!


NEX-Forms is WPML Compatible and fully translatable.


Ready to use form templates are available for NEX-Forms.

Live Form Validation

Validate form fields before a user is allowed to submit. Check Required, Email, Phone, URL,Numeric & Alphabetic formats in fields.

GDPR Ready

NEX-Forms follows General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Fast & Scalable

NEX-Forms renders Lightweight forms and leaves a minimal digital footprint.

Thousands of satisfied customers!

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Your form plugin has been responsible for 1000s of leads over the last few years. A priceless asset!


Super Plugin! Super Service! Super Clean Code! Super Docs! This is the best form builder available for WordPress and one of the best plugins I ever bought! More than five stars...


Very happy with this form builder, very versatile with lots of features on the frontend for users as well as the backend for admins.


Extremely flexible forms combined with fast support (which along with being polite and professional actually solves the issue unlike some others I have come across), using NEX-Forms in a project is a no-brainer.


All features that i need in a Form Builder is already in this plugin. Great Plugin and awesome support!


You don't have to look any further. If you want a outstanding form in Wordpress this is what you need! Excellent support (faster then light!), customizations and easy to use. Very happy with this plugin. Thanks!

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