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Change Log

NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Version 6

Previous releases of NEX-Forms version 6

Version 6.7.3

fix Multiple forms on single page conditional logic

fix Multiple forms on single page multi-step back button

improved Overall performance

improved Validation error messages styling

Version 6.7.2

fix Math logic JS error

fix Headers already sent errors

Version 6.1.6

fix PHP 7.1+ compatibility issues

Version 6.1.5

fix PHP 7.x compatibility issues

fix PHP warnings when config.php wp_debug was set to true

improved Optimised the plugin to half of the original size. Was 3.4mb and now only 1.7mb

Version 6.1.4

new Interactive Forms

Version 6.1.3

new Compatibility for Form to Post add-on.

Version 6.1.2

fix Template forms saving and recall

new Popup form on Exit intent

new Time based popup - Have a form popup after a specified time

new Page scroll popup - Have a form popup when a users scrolls to a specified depth on your page

new Decimal math setting - Specify total decimal places for math logic

new {{nf_form_data}} to PDF Creator - Show data table as per in emails

new WP User levels - Specify what level of user can access NEX-Forms admin area

new Hidden fields were missing in dropdowns like mailchimp field mapping

fix License Deactivation - No longer will a license be freed up when deactivating the plugin on an unused site but from the push of a button found in the admin panel (Edit->License->Press button)

Version 6.1.1

new Multi-File Uploader.

new Max file size restriction per file and custom error message

new Max file size restriction for all files as a whole and custom error message

new Upload limit of total files allowed and custom error message

new New preferences for new validation messages

fix Styling issues on a few installs.

Version 6.1

fix Icons in fields

fix Import/ Export forms

fix Image upload settings

fix Stylesheet troubleshooting option saving

new New dynamic hidden field selection

Version 6.0.9

new Integration for the new PDF Creator add-on (previously know as Export to PDF)

fix Email port when using SSL + SMTP settings with PHPMailer

Version 6.0.8

new New field settings

new ADmin Color adaption

new New troubleshooting options for javascript

new New troubleshooting options for stylesheets

new GetResponse integration

new Ability to reset your license to re-use

fix WP Mail method

fix Mail format

fix Import/Export for forms

Version 6.0.6

fix Activation problem

Version 6.0.5

fix TinyMCE button in the WP editor

Version 6.0.2

fix Various minor fixes

Version 6.0.1

fix Plugin Activation

fix PHPMailer problem

Version 6.0

new Back end design

new Conditional settings (includes advanced and simple logic switching for each rule)

new Menu accessibility to easily navigate to anything for forms and global settings

new Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, you can now save a form with CTRL+ALT+S and many more useful shortcuts.

new Interactive backend tour

new Built-in documentation

new Built-in tutorial videos

new Styling tool bar. Tool select to point to click to style form elements with the new styling tools.

new Taskbar. Work on multiple forms at the same time!

new Thumb rating Field

new Smiley rating Field

new Star rating field with icons and not images.

new Tags input Field. Good for replacing comma separated fields

new Color picker Field.

new Preset fields

new Paragraph form element (HTML enabled)

new Divider form element

new Field replication by user. Allows users to replicate a field to enter more of the same thing like, names of attendants etc

new Signature field (requires Digital signature for NEX-Forms) Signatures are sent in your emails and saved in your received form data.

new Multi-Step settings. Switch between steps to focus your step design.

new Full screen mode.

new Preferences. Setup your default field layouts, email setup, validation messages and other overall settings.

new Notification history.

new Custom admin Layout. Create your own admin layouts that works best for you to create your forms.

new Preset admin layouts.

new Export forms. Forms are exported entirely with everything from conditional logic to email setup and not just the form HTML. This can also now be done from a Form menu.

new Import Forms. Import the form entirely as per export. Not just the form HTML

new Dynamic hidden fields.Now you can add server variables to hidden fields.

new Overall field settings.

new Maximum and minimum values for text fields and textareas

new Form Validation redesign.

new Grid settings