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Change Log

NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Version 5

Previous releases of NEX-Forms version 5

Version 5.3

fix WordPress 4.5 compatibility

Version 5.2

fix NaN in email headings

fix Decimals with math logic problem

fix Emailer problems

fix #### Displaying after form submissions

fix Popup bottom position problem

fix Conditional logic save and recall

fix PayPal items save and recall

fix All Global settings

fix Various styling conflicts with some specific themes

new Language settings for Image uploader

new Math logic field (pre-populated math result tag)

improved Auto close sticky form when another sticky form opens

Version 5.1

fix The word "Array" displaying in emails

fix Export to CSV headings (comma problem)

fix Multi-step next and prev buttons

new Show/hide panels, html, paragraphs and headings with conditional logic

new Tags/value placeholders for emails

new New rich text editor for emails

improved Namespaced AJAX calls to avoid 3rd party conflict.

Version 5

new Total redesign of the backend

new Total Code re-write. This optimisation of code increased load speed to under 1.5 sec!

new Conditional logic. All new conditional logic enables you to have unlimited rules and each rule to have multiple conditions and actions. Logic is not set per field as in old versions but per form!

new Color pickers. Easily set colors with the new color picker with NEWs like opacity!