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Change Log

NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Version 4

Previous releases of NEX-Forms version 4

Version 4.6.1

fix Scrolling problem

fix Height Problem with Multi-Steps

fix Array problem with CSV exports

fix wp_scripts error

fix z-index issue with color setting for spinner fields

new Ability to use placeholders in from address (reply-to address)

Version 4.6

new 75 Animations for form elements!

new Auto fill fields from POST and GET

new Set field Id's

new Date file placeholder setting

fix Multi-step issues

fix Problems with autoresponder on some specific servers

fix Various small issues

Version 4.5

new New API mail method. This is a guarantied method to ensure mailing.

new New security measures throughout NEX-Forms for your ongoing full protection.

Version 4.4


new WP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail


new Normal PHP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail

new Zero conflict admin panel. Script and styles from 3rd party plugin and themes will never again affect NEX-Forms admin panel!!!

new WordPress Admin colors are adapted by NEX-Forms admin panel to fit your chosen color scheme for that personal touch.

fix Emailing problems with some selective servers

Version 4.3

new Import and Export Forms

new PayPal Add-on compatibility

Version 4.2

fix Various JavaScript issues

fix Overall Styling Issues

fix Recall settings for form fields

fix Export to CSV

fix Form saving issues

fix Not able to edit field

fix Not able to delete field

fix Not able to change default select option

fix Admin menu display problems

fix JavaScript bug with modernizer.js

improved Form field validation has been redone.

improved Made admin interface responsive (scalable) to even use with a Tablet

improved Overall speed and performance

new Preset fields with preset validation. Build a contact form literately under 10 seconds!

new New overall styling settings for field inputs

Version 4

improved Overall redesign and reprogramming

new Math Logic

new Material Design Fields with different effects

new Classic Fields

new Overall Styling

new Add custom CSS

new Rich text editor for admin and user emails (TinyMCE)

new Customize admin email

new Placeholders for server data in user and admin emails

new Save Forms as templates for re-use

new Show/hide panel headings

new Resize grid system (using bootstrap grid)

new Resize field label and input containers (using bootstrap grid)

new Start a new form instantly, no need to create it before you can add fields.

new Live documentation from the nex-forms admin page