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Change Log

NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Version 3

Previous releases of NEX-Forms version 3

Version 3.4

fix HTTPS problem with loading styles and scripts

fix UTF-8 issue with mail methods that sent garbage characters in autoreponder emails and admin emails

fix Autoresponder not retrieving saved data

new Password Field

new Date format settings for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)

new Language selection for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)

new Ability to have same name labels but different field names vie new field name setting

improved Conditional logic. Panel/grid selection is now possible as well as single field selection for targeting

Version 3.3

new Export to PDF via new add-on

fix Saving new form issue

fix Saving Auto responder issue

Version 3.2

new Sticky Forms - Add sticky paddels to hide and show forms (top, left, right and bottom) Found in widgets section.

new Thumbs Single Selection Field - Add images (ie: product) to be used to select in a form.

new Thumbs Multi Selection Field - Choose more then one thumbnail selection.

new Email Setup - Configure emailing with SMTP, PHP Mailer, WordPress Mailer or striaght PHP mailing function. SMTP includes optional authentication settings

new Form entries page - View and export all form entries from all forms

new Global settings page - Configure various settings

new Add unlimited hidden fields

new Custom form action or ajax

new Custom form method

new Javascript Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue scipts in case of javascript confict with 3rd party plugins or themes.

new Styling Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue styles in case of display interference from 3rd party plugins or themes.

new Admin Config - Includes settings involving nex-forms admin inclusions like widgets

new Form duplication with a single click

new Popup forms for widgets

new Popup forms button color selection (bootstrap style)

new Forms selection for view and export

new Ajax pagination for Form entries

new Ajax Column sorting for form entries

new Date Time display for forms entries - Shows date and time the form was submmited

new User field for form entries - show the usernamke if logged in when completing a form

new User IP field for form entries - Shows IP address

new Page field for form entries - Shows where the form was submmited from

new Form name field for form entries - Shows the form name that was submmited

new Bath delete form entries

new Modal popup display for form entry data

new Tabbed selection for settings

new Ajax saving for global settings

new Thumb Size selection

new Icon selection for thumb selection

new Column selection for thumbs display

new Drag handel to field on form canvas

fix Popup displaying when tabing on none required fields

fix Overl grid style display

improved Optimised DOM to make use of minimum output

improved Optimised scripts and styles for page load performance

improved Page load - YSlow raking = 89/100 with 10+ forms on a single page!, YSlow raking = 94/100 with 1 form on a page!!

improved Admin load speed - no external calls are made

Version 3.1

new Custom Background image up-loader for form fields and bootstrap panels

new Background settings: background-position, background-size, background-repeat

new Instant preview for form themes add-on to try before buy

new NEW HTML Field - Embed HTML into forms

improved Back-end usability with a few styling changes

improved Overall speed and performance and CSS.

fix Multi-step forms functionality - next and previous buttons that sometimes skipped steps

fix Multi-step forms styling - next and previous buttons that were vertically off line

fix Auto populate countries, us states and languages

fix Auto populate allowed file type extensions for file up-loaders

fix Grid styling when it comes to panels, steps and extreme nesting

fix Label to top (bootstrap class col-sm-12 not col-sm-10)

fix Check box issue only submitting one value instead of an array

fix Some styling interference from themes

Version 3.0.1

fix Default bootstrap styling issue regarding grids

Version 3.0

fix "Form title can not be empty" bug

fix Overcome styling interference from themes

fix Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibility

improved Overall performance

improved NEW compatibility backbone for "Form Themes for NEX-Forms" add-on