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Change Log

NEX-Forms - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Version 1

Previous releases of NEX-Forms version 1

Version 1.2

fix UTF8 Character encoding in emails

fix Java-script validation issues

fix Styling issues relating to ensure overall theme compatibility

new Extra control over field editing and deletion

Version 1.1

new NEW - Conditional Logic

fix Back-end styling issues

Version 1.0.6

fix WordPress version 3.9 "insert into post" problem

Version 1.0.5

fix Auto-responder single line placeholders

Version 1.0.4

fix Styling issues in chrome/web-kit. All Cross browser styling now resolved!

Version 1.0.3

fix Front end compatibility issues. forms are now not affected and do not effect any other styling on themes)

fix Email auto responder problems

fix Back-end icons not showing

new Email Attachments: File uploads are now sent as attachments

new Default admin email: Specified email addresses receive a default email containing all form values as well as the attachments.

new Redirect to URL after form submission. Display message or redirect to a thank you page (submission are saved and emails are sent either way)

improved User Confirmation mails to be sent to users after completing the form

improved Overall back-end details.

Version 1.0.2

fix Safari compatibility issues

fix Form visibility (in some cases did not display in relation to form animations)

Version 1.0.1

fix Styling issues

fix Check boxes (back-end)

fix Multi-select (back-end)

improved Admin panel responsiveness

Version 1.0

First release