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Hidden Fields

Hidden fields give you the ability to send information when a form is submitted but without the user seeing it or even be aware of it

Open the form hidden fields from the Hidden fields menu item under the Form top menu item

A window will open giving you the option to add hidden fields


Static hidden fields are fields that you add that always have the same value
  1. Click on "Add hidden field.
  2. Enter the field name
  3. Enter the field's static value


Dynamic hidden fields are fields have server information and other dynamic information that can change for each form submission.
  1. Click on "Add hidden field.
  2. Enter the field name
  3. Click on the value dropdown menu.
  4. Select the value. Lets add the server's Document Root information to this hidden field by selecting it.

    The dynamic tag will be added to the hidden fields value, in this case its {{DOCUMENT_ROOT}}.

To delete a hidden field click on the delete button (x)

NOTE: Hidden fields can be different from form to form.