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Form Entries

View Form Entries

  1. To view form entries from the backend click on View from the top menu item called Form.

    A window will open containing all your form's entries to date:

  2. The table view gives you instant information about each entry namely:

    Form Name: Specifies the name of the form relating to the entry.
    Page: Specifies the page from where the form entry was submitted.
    IP Address: Specifies the IP address of the user that submitted the entry.
    User: If a user was logged in during the form submision then this column will contain the user's user name.
    Date Submitted: Specifies the exact data and time of the entry.

  3. Click on "view" to open a entries submitted data:

    A window contain the form submitted data will open.

NOTE: You can delete a form entry by clicking on the delete button (x)

Export to PDF

  1. Follow steps takin in viewing entries above
  2. Click on the "PDF" export button:

    A new browser window will open with the PDF.

Export to PDF

  1. Click on the "PDF" export button:
  2. A browser promt will ask you to save the
  3. Open the file or save the file to a location on your PC