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Custom Admin Views

Custom admin view allows you can setup your own personal view of your admin panel.

Preset Views

Preset view have been created for you to easily switch views for the devices you are working on.

Default Preset View

This is the default view as per a new installation.

Desktop Preset View

This is the desktop view and gives you larger panels that will fit larger screens.

Laptop Preset View

This is the Laptop view and gives you gives you a accessable layout that is suitable for laptops and smaller screen sizes.

Creating Custom Views

You can create your very own custom views and save, edit or delete them.

  1. Open the view menu and click on "Create Custom Layout"

  2. This will enable you to drag and resize panels.
  3. You can drag and resize panels to fit your personal need. Here is an example of a custom layout, whene the fields are only icons, the fields settings are at the bottom, etc:

  4. Now you can save this layout and it will be available for you to choos on any device or different computer. (save is found at the bottom right corner on the task bar):

Selecting Custom Views

  1. Open the view menu and you will find your custom layouts listed under the Custom Layouts heading:

  2. Click on the layout and it will be loaded and saved to your current device and browser. So whenever you open the admin panel on this device it will have this view. It is also saved per browser so you can have different views for each browser on a single device.
  3. You can edit a custom view by clicking on the edit icon next to the custom view's name:

  4. You can delete a custom view by clicking on the edit icon next to the custom view's name: