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Multi-Step Forms

Creating a Multi-Step Form

When you have a big form you may want to add the fields into steps. Follow the steps below to create a multi-step form.

Note: These are multi-step forms and not multi-page forms.

Adding a Step

  1. Click on the "Add New Multi-Step" button on your multi-step bar.

  2. You will now have an area (a step) to put your fields into.
  3. Lets add a radio button for product selection into this step.
  4. After the user selected we want them to go to the next step so we need to add a next button.

    WE like to have a 2 column grid so you can add back buttons to steps. Add a 2 column grid drag your NEXT button into the right column and align the button to be positioned right.
  5. Add another Multi-Step
  6. Lets add a name and email field into this step into this step.
  7. Repeat adding a NEXT Button as per step 1
  8. We would like the use rto go back to step one so we can add a BACK step button

  9. Drag the back step into the left column of to 2 column grid and aling it to be positioned left.
  10. Add another Multi-Step (last step)
  11. Lets add a thumbs rating into this step and call it "Would you like to recieve our newsletter?"
  12. Repeat adding a BACK Button as per step 2
  13. Because this is our last step we need to add a SUBMIT button. We will do the same with submit as with the NEXT button.
  14. Done...Hit preview and go through your steps.

Swithing between steps

You can show specific step while building your form. This will make it easier to focus on a single step