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Contact Us
Contact Us

This is a sticky form example. Sticky forms like this one can be added to the top, right (like this one), bottom and left side of your site.

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Introducing version 6

The all new version NEX-Forms v6 is here and includes 80+ new features including never before seen innovation in online form building.


Create forms with ease

Create a Contact Form in under 30 seconds!!! We are not kidding!

Check out: Contact form in 30 seconds

 50+ Form Elements

Form Fields and Elements (bootstrap styled)

Bootstrap styled fields with pixel perfect precision! No styling required!

Single-line Text
Multi-line Textarea
Dropdown Select
Dropdown Multi-select
Radio Button Groups
Check Boxes
Star Rating
Thumb Rating
Smiley Rating
Tags Input
Auto Complete
Color Palette
Grid Columns
Date-time Field
Date Field
Time Field
File uploader
File uploader (with image preview)
Bootstrap Panels
HTML Elements
Text Paragraph


Preset Fields

Your time is precious, so we created most used form fields so you dont have to! Including icons and proper validation! Build a contact form under 10 seconds with these fields!



Classic Fields

Most themes have preset styling for forms. These classic fields will adapt to your theme's style, so simply let your theme do the styling!

Single-line Text
Multi-line Textarea
Dropdown Select
Dropdown Multi-select
Radio Button Groups
Check Boxes
Submit Button

 Fully Responsive

Beautiful forms, every device...

NEX-Forms easily and efficiently scales to your website, from phones to tablets to desktops!.

 Drag & Drop

Easy as playing solitaire...

Add fields to your form by simply dragging and dropping!

 Full Grid System

One of a kind!

Create absolutely any layout with a fully customisable and draggable bootstrap grid system...Includes unlimited grid nesting!

 Math Logic

Easy as π...

Perform math equations based on user selection.

...well you get the picture

Play with the fields below and see what happens.
(note: Everything you see below is built with NEX-Forms!)






Sum of all the above =


 Conditional Logic

Now you see it, now you don't...

Show and hide fields based on user selection. Includes effects!
Play with the fields below and see it in action.
(note: Everything you see below is built with NEX-Forms!)


Thank you! We appreciate your positive feedback :)

 Multi-Step Forms

Easy as 1,2,3!

Easily create multi-step forms with draggable and droppable steps. In the example below we created a quiz using a little Math Logic and Conditional Logic combined with the steps.
(note: Everything you see below is built with NEX-Forms!)

Question 1




 Email Autoresponder

Connect with your audience

Send emails to your users upon completing forms. Use a rich text editor to fully customize confirmation mails as well as admin mails.

Enter your email address below and receive an example of a confirmation mail.


Multiple email recipients (comma seperated).
Multiple BCC email recipients (comma seperated).
Admin email.
User confirmation mail.
Full customizability.
Use data value placeholders to add submitted data anywhere into your email!
Include server data in your emails for example: User's IP Address etc.
Send HTML emails.
Send Plain Text emails.
Individual setup for confirmation mails and admin mails.
File attachments (when using file uploader fields).
Send mail using a variaty of mailing methods namely:
SMTP, PHP Mailer, Straight PHP, WordPress Mail or Mail API!

 Form Submissions Storage

All form submmision are stored and can be viewed from your NEX-Forms admin panel.

Submissions include:

Form Name
The page the form was submmited from
IP Address
Username (if logged in)
Date and time of submission
All submitted form data

 Form Submissions Export

Forms submissions can be exported from the NEX-Forms admin panel.

Export form submissions as:

CSV (open with MS Excel or Open Office spreadsheet)
PDF (requires Export to PDF for NEX-Forms add-on)

 Sticky Forms

Stick forms can be inserted from your themes widgets area (drag and drop).

Add Sticky paddels to any side of your screen:

Have a look at our sticky form that we have added to the right side of your screen...

 Google Fonts

1200+ Fonts at the click of a button!

Add google font typefaces that will help you build beautiful forms.

...and MANY MORE!

 Form Animations

75 Awesome Animations

Apply animations to bring your forms to life!!!



660+ Font Awesome Vector Icons!

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can be embeded into various form elements!

 Anti-Spam Control

No more annoying "Are you human?" messages!

NEX-Forms built-in anti-spam control is ground breaking technoligy that does not require you to add captha or any other spam prevention control into forms. Captchas take up precious time and you dont want to waste your customer's.



 AJAX Powered

No page refreshing!

Submit forms without ever refreshing the page!

 Custom Backgrounds

...make it your own.

Add custom backgrounds to various form elements!

 No Programming


All you need to know when using NEX-Forms is how to:


 Cross Browser Compatible

...even back to IE8!

Not only does NEX-Forms work on all devices but also works on all major browsers, and again...even back to IE8!

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer (IE)

 Developers Friend

...for web designers and programmers!

YES, you dont need to know a single programming language to use NEX-Forms!
But if you do however, you will definately love this!

Google Chrome Devs

Use Google Chrome Developer Tools to edit forms!
Add, remove, edit scripts, CSS, inline-styles and HTML right in the DOM!

Firefox Devs

Use Firebug to edit forms!
Add, remove, edit scripts, CSS, inline-styles and HTML right in the DOM!

IE and Other Devs

Download Google Chrome or Firefox ;)

 More Features

...its all in the details!

Features that don't necessarily shine as bright as others but are just as important and should not be forgoten ;)

Required Fields

Make sure users cant submit a form without completing some cumpolsory fields.

Form Validation

You can validate user input by making sure they enter the correct values. Validate fields as: Any Format, Email, Phone Number, URL, Numbers Only or Text only. You can also setup allowed file extentions when using file uploader fields!

Auto-fill Form Fields

Auto-fill form fields from GET and POST calls.

Live Form Previewer

Preview your form while building!

Export & Import Forms

Export forms from one site to be imported into another.

Duplicate Forms

Duplicate exsisting forms with a single click!

Form Templates

Save forms as templates to be re-used!

Tons of Field Settings

Customize fields with a variaty of easy to use settings!

Duplicate Fields

Copy fields, grids, panels and any form element so that you dont have to do any double work!

Unlimited Forms

There is no end to how many forms you can have on your website

Same Page Forms

You can have as many forms on a single page as you need!

Hidden Fields

Send extra information from form submissions by adding unlimited hidden fields!

Embed Forms

Embed Forms into post, pages and/or theme templates. Include forms with a click of a button from WordPress page/post editor or copy generated shortcodes.

Redirect to URL

You can redirect to a specified URL after a form is submitted.

Send Data to Custom URL

Send submitted form data to a custom URL by using GET or POST method. Good if you need to use an alternative database!

Fully AJAX Driven Admin Panel

NEX-Forms admin panel will give you a real desktop apllication feel. No page resfreshes and everything is done and found in a single admin tool!

Resposive Admin Panel

The admin panel is scalable and fit your screen. Can be fully used even from a tablet!

ZERO Conflict Admin Panel

3rd Party plugins and themes that include javascript and stylesheets will not affect the NEX-Forms admin panel! NEX-Forms will not affect any other plugin or theme.

Built-in Documentation

Get help right from your NEX-Forms admin panel.